Tremiti : a place you shoud visit

Showstopper islands like Lampedusa, Elba and Capri are world renowned, but there are so many more secret islands in Italy to be explored, loving every minute. Bite-size islands off the Gargano promontory, the spur of boot-shaped Italy, the Tremiti are the only Italian islands in the Adriatic Sea. The tiny and gorgeously peaceful Tremiti Islands still feel like a relaxing getaway from civilization, with awe-inspiring scenery, deliciously simple cuisine, culture, history and a laid-back vacation atmosphere. It’s all about nature here, with a genuine feel.


The archipelago’s outstanding natural beauty is the major attraction. The five tiny islands of San Domino, San Nicola, Cretaccio, Capraia and Pianosa are a marine reserve and part of the Gargano National Park. Since the late 1970s, building has been prohibited in the area, resulting in a pristine landscape, mostly untouched by human progress, with meadows and impressive pine forests.

One of the Bel Paese’s least-known holiday spots, the Tremiti are a popular diving destination, with impressive underwater caves, small isolated coves and coral reefs, just 22 nautical miles from the coast in between Puglia and Molise.

The islands’ tourist season runs approximately from May to October, with some hotels and restaurants open year-round. You can reach the Tremiti with a 20-minute helicopter flight from Foggia, but the best way to explore the islands is on a yacht charter. Cruise the Tremiti Islands and then consider continuing across the Adriatic on your yacht charter along the Italian coast and through the islands of Croatia.

The archipelago’s council has also outlawed motor vehicles. Therefore, no cars are allowed on the islands, small enough to be explored on foot or by bicycle.


San Domino

Home to most of the archipelago’s hotels, relais, restaurants and holiday cottages, San Dòmino is the largest of the five islands in the Adriatic.

Tiny, footpath-like roads crisscross the island in the shade of pine forests. Walk 10 minutes up the hill away from the harbor and you will find fine restaurants serving fresh fish.

Visit Cala delle Arene and enjoy its lovely sandy beach, where you can hire beach umbrellas and sun loungers. Kayaks are also available to hire. Most of the island’s coastline is made up of idyllic coves and caves you can reach by yacht.

Scuba enthusiasts can’t miss the chance of exploring a 2,000-year-old Roman shipwreck not far off the coastline.


Tremiti Islands: San Nicola

The historical center of the Tremiti islands, San Nicola, only accessible on foot, is dominated by a fortified abbey. You can also admire the tomb of Greek hero Diomedes, the cave where, as legend has it, he was laid to rest.

Near San Nicola’s abbey-fort complex is Church of Santa Maria a Mare, with stunningly beautiful mosaic floors.



The smallest island of the archipelago, Cretaccio is a deserted, uninhabited, wild block of yellow clay. Come here and cover your body with marine clay mixed with seawater. This treatment makes your skin super smooth. Cretaccio is also great for snorkeling and diving.