How We Work

What makes Italy so appealing to the world? Is it the stunning art? Is it the haute designs? Or is it the sublime tastes? No, it is all this brought together by a truly magical People. And this, and more, is what we offer with a considerable measure of luxury and top-to-bottom indulgence. All you need to do is turn up. We will take care of the rest.

1st Step – Meet Your Personal Travel Advisor


Our Travel Advisors are bi/multilingual enthusiasts, native Italians and none, who know Italy more than a mere observer would, and thus are able to inject as much passion into their purpose as they have for the country. They are not just an email address; they are faces and voices to a name.

Tell us your preferences and we will carefully pair you with one of these travel virtuosos. There is no indulging in hollow-hearted schmoozing. Instead, they will take the time to get to know you, share a little bit of themselves. The kind of travel ideas they adopt for you will reflect the uniqueness and exclusivity of your preferences and of the relationship between the two of you.

2nd Step – Plan & Design Your Bespoke Holiday with Your Travel Advisor

What makes your holiday truly special? It is that hidden ingredient you alone can add, when you are given the opportunity to design of your very own travel experience on the spot. We will take your ideas and our ideas, put them together and build around your needs and characteristics, so that your experience will not only be authentic, but it will be similar to no other. It will be your very own personal encounter with Italy.

You don’t have to be an expert. That is why you have your very own travel advisor. They will help you determine the right trip for you, because they understand what you need and will cater to them accordingly. You will work together in joint effort to achieve that one-shot outcome that reflects every individual style you bring to shape your holiday and every emotion you take to shape your life.

3rd Step – The VIP Travel Experience You Deserve


It does not begin and end with your travel advisor. What we offer is a glamorous encounter with Italy, intimate and private, that will gratify your desires throughout the time you choose to spend here and throughout your post-holiday period, long enough for you to relive the excitement over and over again. We make this one truly authentic, and the next one even more authentic.

What you get are some essential components of that which make up the “everything-authentic” core of your travel experience with us. And our travel network allows your advisor to arrange exclusive perks for you:

  • Access to the exclusive facilities and services of hand-picked hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • Luxury cars, private jets, private helicopters and yachts for internal transfers or tours
  • 24-hour language assistance (simultaneous interpreters and/or translators)
  • A personal travel manager at your disposal 24/7. Other than language assistance, the travel manager will aid the development of the entire trip towards success, without excuses or drawbacks, and offer solutions or make adjustments if and when required
  • A highly reliable security service staff/private household staff
  • Additional care in organising recreational activities and entertainment

An excellent airport reception service will follow as soon as your plane lands to make your arrival as smooth, easy and stress-free as possible. Your bi/multilingual travel manager will be there to make sure all your needs are met.

A wide range of transfer services will be made available to you, from helicopters and private jets, to chauffeur-driven luxury or vintage cars. You will be conveyed to your lodgings in the company of drivers and transfer attendants whose duties do not lie solely in the transportation of passengers from one place to another. Therefore you will begin to soak up the Italian allure the minute you come in contact with these authentic characters, and immediately experience that warmth and friendliness Italians are famous for.

The warm atmosphere and unrivalled beauty of our range of carefully selected lodgings will equally leave you satisfied; from hand-picked, top-of-the-tree 5-star hotels, to premium apartments, stately villas and historic homes. Your personal travel manager will remain at your service to ensure you get nothing but absolute luxury and comfort. A private household staff could be made available upon request.

Post-holiday programme

On your return home, you will have continued access to our online post-holiday activities. Timely and effective follow-up meetings will be arranged with your advisors on a regular basis, demonstrating the level of interest we had in providing you our services and how much we care about your post-holiday time. He/she will collect feedback from you regarding your experience and what you would like to see added to or removed from your future holiday.

ILC Add-ons

Upon request, you will be able to record your Italian experience through photographic or video services. Without being intrusive, our team of talented storytellers will get to know you and produce unique photo stories and/or cinematic films that reflect every individual style they bring to shape your holiday and every emotion you take to shape their lives.

Personal Photo-Diary

A personal photographer will accompany you through-out your holiday to capture precious moments and emotions, without missing the uniqueness of the atmosphere.  And you will go home with a piece of art that tells the story of a genuine experience in Italy.

Your Travel Motion Picture

You will get a full cinematic coverage of moments of your experience or of special events that have shaped your life. Our creative cameramen will focus on capturing the most compelling situations. They will be able to relive every single emotion and to bring back wonderful memories you would never want to forget.

Creative Corporate Image

An organisation could choose to add creativity to its corporate image by taking advantage of our video and photographic services on its Corporate programme. We will strive to bring them stunning video and/or photographic representation that tells the story of a unique team-building experience, travel incentive or corporate event.