Amazing as Italy is, there’s yet more for you to see

Italy is not a landmark point, but rather a doorway to Europe

You’ll perhaps have heard it say that Italy is “captivating” and that “it steals the soul”. If you’ve been so lucky to visit, even if for a few days, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise to feel vibrant pangs of homesickness, alongside with a powerful urge that drives you back to the towns… the landscapes… the artistic, historical, and cultural reveries of this land. Yet words can seldom make justice to the wondrous experience of enjoying a leisure travel across Italy, with all the comforts, freedom and privileges that come with the full package that only an ultra-exclusive tour operator – that’s right, just like Italian Luxury Consulting! – can bestow. From the timeless magnificence of Rome – rightfully one of the world’s seventh seven wonders– to the ethereal bay of Venice, lulled by the soft rustle of the gondolieri’s paddles, to the brightly coloured and intense landscapes of Sardinia; traveling across Italy’s most spectacular towns, shopping centres, sceneries, accommodations and itineraries is an authentic bliss.

But who’s to say that Italy, though amazing and breath-taking in itself, should be the end and be all of your tour?

We like to think that all the lovely places you’ve seen and the thrilling new experiences you’ve made in Italy are but a starting point — a doorway to the even  greater splendours of nearby Europe. There’s a lot more to discover beyond Italy’s boundaries, and Italian Luxury Consulting can and will ensure that  you don’t miss a thing. Let us chauffeur you onward through the many wonders laying ahead. You won’t regret it.

Revel in the many charms and thrills of glamorous Europe

We know you deserve nothing short of the best travel experience that wealth and luxury can afford. You are, of course, entitled to demand that the money you spend on a journey is rewarded by the finest comforts, the most exclusive destinations, and the most iconic and exceptional itineraries to treat yourself with. Take the next step with Italian Luxury Consulting – prolong your tour of Italy and set out to discover the wonders of Europe – and we promise that we won’t disappoint.

Europe has long been a synonymous for all the ups that a discerning traveler can – and should – rightfully look forward to. It’s been called, in turn, fashionable, glamorous, romantic, thought-provoking, inspiring, stylish, and majestic. In the past centuries, it was a renowned tradition for the British bièn elevée – the wealthy, privileged youth – to undertake a “Grand Tour” across Italy and Europe as the crowning point of their academic tutoring. The “Grand Tour” was both an occasion for building strong ties with the “old world’s” social and economic poles of attraction, for learning new concepts, and for indulging in the many opportunities for relax and leisure that Europe offered. To many young men of high society, the “Grand Tour” was possibly the most exciting event of their lives up to that point.

We at Italian Luxury Consulting would like for your extended tour across Europe to be an ideal follow-up to your Italian experience, and your very own “Grand Tour”  in the spirit of  an exclusive, thrilling voyage of discovery and enchantment. For this reason, we have prepared four themed packages that should best suit your wishes.

Our travel proposals for your enjoyment: unforgettable honeymoon, romantic escape or relaxing break…

Castles and Vineyards of Central Europe

Delve into the colors, sounds and rich historical background of Spain and Portugal – with a sumptuous twist. Starting with a tour of the Wine Routes of Spain and through the Paradores, this travelling experience will take you across the Chateaux de la Loire and the Loire Valley (nationally renowned for its selected light and sparkling wines), and from thence to the finest wineries of Switzerland and south-eastern Austria, in a discovery of unique flavors, textures, fragrances and influences. Wines – and especially high-prestige wines – are never the product  of chance, but of painstaking selection of grapes, routes, and fermentation techniques as well as of the land’s own characteristic traits. These tours are the ideal next steps in your European holiday, and the perfect follow-up to a thoroughly luxurious and fascinating exploration of Italy’s pathways between antique castles and lush wineries.

Luxury Cruises on the Mediterranean Sea

The most renowned and celebrated european resorts may be just a cruise trip away from your top-class Italian vacation. Italian Luxury Consulting will personally oversee that your travel experience is both mesmerizing and comfortable. Partnering with widely acclaimed cruise lines to bring you a wide array of outstanding, unforgettable voyages across the Mediterranean and Adriatic Ocean, we encourage you to set off on a path of discovery and wonder. Our luxury cruises touch upon the main and most eminent European harbours – ranging from Spain to France and from Greece to Croatia. But that doesn’t quite cut it. In addition to our choice selection of itineraries, the cruise itself may very likely be a treat in and of itself; booking you up in the finest suites and ensuring that your travelling needs are catered to with all the luxuries and quality services we can bestow – including your very own personal butler, a pletora of opportunities for entertaniment and relax, and delicious cuisine – we guarantee nothing but the very best picks.

Travelling through Europe on board an authentic Vintage Train

ILC – Italian Luxury Consulting is proud to offer you a unique travel experience on the exclusive Belmond’s Venice Simplon Orient Express. Embark from Venice at the very end of your Italian tour, and take a superb ride on the authentic Orient Express carriages from the ‘twenties and ‘thirties. The timeless magic of the highly celebrated train – painstakingly restored and preserved to offer an authentic reproduction of the dazzling “golden era of travels” – shines true through the ages. Let the comforts and luxuries of the Orient Express welcome you to a lavish journey across Europe, touching upon legendary towns such as Venice, London, Paris, Prague, and Budapest.

European Cities Fashion Tour

What says “glamorous getaway” and “high prestige vacation” more than an all-inclusive stay in the capitals of Fashion industry? And we most definitely don’t mean just a on-the-fly tour of the pivotal European hubs where aesthetic sense, stylistic creativity and fashion resources congregate and thrive. Rather, ILC – Italian Luxury Consulting will take you on a full immersion of the most sensational and unique fashion towns –  starting of course with Paris, the pulsating heart of European style and design –  with all the comforts and luxuries offered by a bespoke tour operator of our caliber. At any time or moment you may travel from one town to another as the fancy takes you, chaffeured 24/7 by our elite car or private jet services, and rely on your very own dedicated  personal shopper to assist you. From personalized tours of the most celebrated maisons and factories of Europe’a top-notch brands, to relaxing accomodations in the most exclusive suites and pentahouses, our Cities Fashion Tour  has it all for a dazzling addition to your italian days.

Design your very own Exclusive Travel Experience beyond Italy. A dedicated Travel Consultant will help you choose and design your perfect holiday or honeymoon in Europe!

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