Cortona is located in the province of ArezzoTuscany, very close to the border with the Umbria region. What to do and what to see in Cortona? This city is visited every day by numerous tourists who come from all over Italy, but also from Europe.

In fact, many people are curious to know the peculiarities of this city. Cortona stands on a hill, a hill 500 meters high, which guarantees a strategic position to its territory.

Cortona is famous for its traditions, its history, its culture and its magnificent landscapes. Taking a holiday here can be an excellent solution to spend days in total relaxation.


Cortona: why is it famous?


Cortona is famous for its tourist attractions. These are remains left by ancient populations, such as Etruscans and Romans. Much appreciated for example are the “Etruscan walls” or the numerous remains of Roman roads.

Tourists arriving in Cortona should definitely visit the “Museum of the Etruscan Academy and the city of Cortona“. This museum is located in the Casali Palace and has 2000 m² of exhibition space. The structure contains all the remains of the ancient Etruscan and Roman populations, but not only. Those who visit this building will also be able to see the most famous bronze sculptures of Etruscan art, the remains of Etruscan mounds. Tourists should not forget to also observe the splendid 18th century library and the famous “Tabula Cortonensis“. This table is an ancient bronze artifact with etruscan engravings.

There are tons of other attractions to see in Cortona. One of these is Piazza della Repubblica, a central square that has the famous “Clock Tower“. This tower was built in the 15th century and today is one of the symbols of the city.

Another beauty of Cortona is the “Villa Bramasole“, which is loved by tourists from all over the world. This villa has become very popular in the past years because it was the home of Frances Mayes, a famous American writer who renovated the villa and lived there. The villa can be reached from the area of ​​the “Cortona public gardens“, called “The Parterre“. It is a magnificent green space and a perfect place to take pictures.


Cortona: what else can you see

You should not miss the  “Palazzo del Capitano del Popolo“, a historic building dating back to the 16th century. Many tourists, however, also swing by the famous “Signorelli Theater“, a very elegant neoclassical theater. One of the other symbols of the city is the famous obelisk dedicated to Giuseppe Garibaldi that you can find in the homonymous square.

All those who come to this part of Cortona will be able to admire the splendid panorama below. In fact, in the distance you can see the Val di Chiana, Lake Trasimeno, Montepulciano.

What else do you see and what to do in Cortona? In this city you can also visit the “Fortress of Girifalco“, an Etruscan stronghold renovated in the 16th century. The structure served as a place of defense and today has a very important historical value.

Another important landmark is “Pitagora’s Tanella“, an ancient rock construction. Some people claim that it is the tomb of Pythagoras, others say it is the tomb of Ulysses, others of Archimedes.

And of course we should mention “Jannelli Street“, the most suggestive street in the city, where you can admire the remains of 14th-century houses and the famous “Church of Jesus“. The name of the street comes from the Jannelli family, a noble family who lived in Cortona.

Also visit the archaeological Park of Sodo, where there are remains of ancient Etruscan tombs.

If you also want to admire the beauties of Cortona, its very important historical remains, the museums, the archaeological parks, the magnificent landscapes of this city, click here and contact us. We can organize your entire holiday and to include magnificent visits, so nothing will be missing from your trip. We will be happy to better organize your stay in Cortona.