Forte dei Marmi is a small town in the province of Lucca, considered a must-visit destination for those who love sea, luxury and fashion. The beauty of the sea, the stunning views of the Apuane Alps and the stylish manors surrounded by pine groves attract every year tourists from all over the world.

Top things to do and see in Forte dei Marmi :

  1. A walk at the Pier : built in 1876, it was used – in the past – for loading Carrara’s marble on the boats. Today, however, the Pier is a beautiful tourist spot and a docking point for ferries.
  2. A visit to Villa Bertelli : actually seat of the Municipality.  Shows and events are held in this magnificent building. Close to this Villa,take a chance to visit Ugo Guidi’s museum (a famous italian sculptor).
  3. A stop by il Fortino : a fortress that dates back to the 18th century and gave the name to the town.
  4. Dancing at La Capannina di Franceschi : a magnificent luxury disco where actors, sports stars and celebs use to party during the summer season
  5. A tour of Forte dei Marmi’s churches : The Church of Sant ‘Ermete, the Church of San Francesco d’Assisi, the Church of the Resurrection and the Church of Santa Teresa in Vaiana
  6. A visit to the Museum of Satire and Caricature : this is a very uncommon and unique museum. And it is really worth a visit.
  7. A little shopping : by the numerous antique markets that take place almost every day in the streets of the city.  You’ll be able to find from the cheap souvenir to the most amazing memorabilia.

Forte dei Marmi, a town with two souls :

During your visit of Forte dei Marmi you’ll discover the two souls of the city ; the first one is an extremely fashion, chic and always up-to-date. The other (most hidden) one focuses on traditions. Founded in the Roman era, Forte dei Marmi began to expand since the 16th century due to the opening of the quarries in the mountains behind the town. Around the same time, the Fortress grew through renovation efforts, which continued for the rest of the century. In the same time, the area distant from the seaside developed slower. And was able to keep the charme of the ancient times still today.  Forte dei Marmi’s hinterland is rich of hidden and beautiful corners that you will love to discover.

Forte dei Marmi festivals :

The fest of Sant Ermete :  the city celebrates its patron saint with a suggestive fire and fireworks. This fest takes place during August.

The fest of San Francesco : the city celebrates the small Vittoria Apuana hamlet’s patron saint with a food fair. This fest takes place during October.

If you want to admire the beauties of Forte dei Marmi, its very important historical remains, the magnificent landscapes of this city and much more, click here and contact us. We’ll be glad to organize your next trip in Versilia helping you enjoying every moment of your stay.

Tourists prefer to visit Forte dei Marmi during the main holidays. Among these are the feast of Sant’Ermete and the feast of San Francesco. The first takes place in the period of August, while the second in October.